Hi there! I’m Helen and this is my blog covering anything and everything I find interesting while travelling through South and Central America, and maybe beyond!

I have just given up my job working in the publishing subsidiary of an international development charity to travel the world for a year- and maybe more! I am starting in South and Central America but after- who knows?

I will be writing about my travel experiences, the things I see, people I meet, the (veggie/vegan) food I eat, but will also look at issues and organisations that inspire me, particularly in the areas of human rights, women’s organisations, refugees, LGBT rights, labour rights, sustainable international development, the environment, etc.

Feel free to offer any suggestions/thoughts/comments, and if you have stumbled across this and are also travelling in this region in 2017, do let me know if you’d like to meet up and explore together!

Peace and love,



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